Advice for live looping (vocals only with iPhone X - no power)

I am trying to find the most portable setup without a power source to live loop with my iPhone X, vocals only. I have two UE boom speakers (bluetooth has latency issues, so I'm using an AUX cord) and a splitter. I don't need a controller - I can control via the screen. Do I need an audio interface to do this? Is it possible I can make it work with the audiobus app, the splitter, ear buds and attached mic, and the speakers alone, just by working with the settings in the Loopy app? Help would be great - if I figure it out, I'll update here!


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    Should work ok, just try it! All you really need is Loopy, the iPhone, the splitter and your battery powered speakers.

    Only issue is the iPhone mic won’t have the best sound rejection, so your loops will record back and bleed into your current recording loop. Or even worse you could get feedback.

    A noise gate might help with this issue if you wanted to get fancy with apps and routing on your phone. You would need Audiobus and some kind of input app like ToneStack or VoiceRack: FX that has a noise gate.

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