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I searched the documentation and forums, but found nothing relating to this... Is there a way to label tracks? I'm thinking of constructing a series of sessions to use for live performance. It'd be nice to see short track names below or above the track regions since they will differ session to session. Am I missing how to set this up?

Thanks for your help.


  • This feature doesn't yet exist, @klingklang, although I have been kicking around some ideas about this! I'll put another notch in the "do it" column ;-)
  • Excellent! Thanks.
  • Even grouping them on folders, and to sort them manually…
  • @klingklang - I've been thinking about providing the ability to change the colour of the track, rather than actually have labels. Would that be enough, do you think? Labels will clutter the interface up something awful, is all.
    @Juanjo - Oh, I think you're talking about the files in the 'Import' menu.
  • Sorry Michael, haven't scanned the forums over the holidays...

    I agree that labels would clutter up the wonderfully clean UI, and track colors could help keep the tracks straight. Lately, I've been experimenting with always trying to put parts in the same position. This also helps. But, yes colors would be an easy and helpful indicator!

    Or, there are currently 2 modes of track secondary UI settings like Import or Volume, maybe something like a swipe downward would bring up a new secondary area with an editable track label. That way your UI is unaffected until the user asks for the track name. (Sorry, I'm away from my Loopy hosting devices and forget your terminology) I do realize that entering characters requires the keyboard, and that just really destroys your workspace.

    Let's just leave it at track colors! Thanks.
  • Lovely, okay =)
  • Hold on - I think labels would be a HUGE help. How about a few small letters on the interior circle? That wouldn't clutter much & that circle is not used for anything else afaik. Would be a big big help - I am always guessing which loop is which, esp'ly on saved sessions.

    Thanks for your great attn to these forums & the great app, Michael!
  • Cheers for the feedback (and kind words!), @yep - so, d'you reckon labels would be noticeably more useful than colours? I'm open to the idea, although I much prefer the colours idea - it seems cleaner!
  • Try putting the labels as a transparent colour over the audio.. If u can make the text into a circle it would look neat..and only be visible when a person wants to name the track.
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    Colours would be fine for me to but im sure some people would prefer to name them. You could group them with colours for catagory of track ( ie bass, drums, vocals) .The import file list gets cluttered too fast imho and might need categories to help navigate it. If i load 200 drum beats in and want to load a bass track it may be annoying scrolling through so far. If i could select say yellow for vocals..record lots of takes then easily swap between them using the file import menu under a corresponding category called vocals ( in yellow) that would make remixing a lot quicker between many previously recorded takes.
  • Michael (&Gsweeney) - I think labels are way better than colors. Plus, it's a methodology most people who record are used to. Give anyone the choice & I'd think they'd choose to know for sure what the track was instead of just a category. Personally, I'd still be guessing with colors. Plus, there's a lot of color happening already.

    I think you can fit enough letters on the button in the middle to make it valuable, even if the letters are small. IE VCL1. I think that would actually look really cool to see that visually as well (maybe in grey text...?)

    You are a great designer/programmer so I bet you could figure out a way to get some text labeling in!

    Thx for listening.
  • Righto! Well, in that case, consider it done. I might do both, given that I'm pretty sure I can do so without adding interface clutter.

    Stay tuned.
  • (Also, thanks! =))
  • You might also want to think about grouping the tracks..maybe even via category and take ...for me i will often rerecord the same loop 10 times until i get the best one... Id rather have 10 versions in one loopy loop rather than use 10/12 slots as i only even want to hear one take at once... Letting me choose previous takes via midi would be amazing even if there was a limit of just a few previous versions. Anyway love your software cant wait for next update :)
  • Funny you should mention it, @Gsweeney - this is coming, and will be part of the undo/redo system.
  • Great news in the labeling! Looking fwd to the rev.

  • Hey
    What about page gestures where you can swipe to a " chorus or verse/ middle 8 ect? for an infinite amount of loops ..?colour assignable and linked manual assigned pages? That way you would always have a clean UI (switchable time signatures ect ) , or a screen pinchable expandable interface that you could visually see including freeze functionality for up and coming included effects - like a coloured brickwall that you could just tap to expand your say " verse/chorus"you would certainly have a certain DAW company rethinking the mold - and I would happily pay more for that kind of app!
  • labels, colors... anything would be wellcome to make easier a performance. sometimes I get lost and just don't know where was what! ;)
  • I'll put my 2 cents in, colors would be sufficient for me, but ability to add labels would be great
  • Labels, please please please trust your live performers! Also current project title at the top of the screen!!!

    Eddie Hughes

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