Looping app Loopy HD in the test (iPhone / iPad)

Looper are already a fine thing: a few instruments infected, beatboxing or a capella, the possibilities are almost unlimited. With Loopy or Loopy HD, there has been an app for mobile Apple devices for some time, which brings the successful concept to iPad and iPhone. We have tested the app for you.

The concept

The concept behind each looper is actually simply explained: you play, sing or beatboxt a certain sequence of notes, which then starts again and again from the beginning. In this respect, a looper actually hardly differs from a sequencer. Unlike this, however, a looper usually records direct audio, so it has to be recorded extremely precisely. Subsequent quantization as in midi sequences is usually not possible with audio loopers.

Source: https://loopyapp.com/
Source: https://www.retrocube.com/ios-app-development/


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