I can not configure my Loopy setup

Hello everyone, I'm new to this and I still can not configure my system, I can not get the signal from my interface to enter loopy hd so the signal that is recorded is the one that sounds in the room and not the who enters from the interface, can someone help me in the configuration?
I have what I detail:
-Interface / Mixer AG06 Yamaha
-Ipad 2017 / Loopy HD
-Camera Conection Kit
-Mic Audio-technica AT2020
-Guitarra EJ200 Epiphone
-Amp Fender Acoustasonic 90



  • @carlosmieses - if I understand you correctly, you want the main (combined) output of the mixer sent to Loopy, yes?

    For this you set the switch (in center of mixer ) to “input mix”. Everything that is going into the mixer will be sent over USB to Loopy. In Loopy the input selection should be 1&2.

    If this switch ( center of mixer) is set to “dry ch 1-2”, then only Channel 1 (left) and Channel 2 (right) will be sent over USB to Loopy. And again the input select in Loopy should be 1&2.

    Let me know if I miss understood what you are trying to achieve.

  • Hello Ganthofer.
    Thanks for the tip, now Loopy is picking up the signal, but now I have another problem, the microphone signal is slow, it's like it lacks energy, the one I have is a condenser, maybe with a dynamic microphone it's better, but I do not have it to do the test.
    Have you made voices with condenser microphones?

    A hug, greetings from Peru!

  • @carlosmieses - do you have the Phantom 48 ON for the mic connection?

  • Hi...as per my knowledge Loopy supports long press over MIDI, yes. Not sure if you can do all of that with a single pedal but I'm also not sure how the RC-3 works. Maybe describe how it's done with the RC-3? Loopy can do all 4 functions with with two pedals for sure.

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