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Does the iPhone 6 or 6s or 7 have no audio bleed between tracks when using the iRig Pre adapter?


Considering buying a newer iphone to use with loopy. I mainly use android right now because I have been making Gear VR apps. Although currently have an iphone 4 that I use for some things.

Basically asking what is the LOWEST COST iphone that will be COMPLETELY compatible with the iRig Pre and Loopy. Yes, a lightning adapter with the iphone 7 is ok.

AKA: If it works perfectly with iphone 6 and that costs a lot less than 6s or 7, then I will likely get the 6...although maybe get the 6s anyway if it's A LOT better.

Thanks in advance!


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    We need some more info. If you are using irig Pre HD then it is a digital interface and audio bleed will never be an issue. If you have the old iRig Pre that plugs into a 3.5mm headphone jack, sorry but audio bleed will always be an issue. The headphone port is sending analog audio signal (to headphones) while receiving mic input thru the same wire and there will always be some cross-talk, audio bleed. The model of iphone makes no difference, its just the design limitation of the old irig pre.

    In your case, i would get a digital audio interface and try it out on the iphone 4. You might not even need a new iphone.

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