How to create lines of music from a virtual synth into loopy HD

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I am inexperienced with IOS...all of my DAW experience is on Windows, with Ableton and one other less well known DAW.

I have been using Loopy HD mostly for vocals, and I now want to start adding some bass and synth to my vocals. I assume there must be synths or lightweight DAWs that people use to connect with Loopy (through Audiobus?).

Because I had it, I tried using Garageband with my midi keyboard and saving the lines and them importing them into Loopy, but that was pretty cumbersome. (I also know Garageband won't act as an input to loopy).

(Right now I am creating the music on my Windows system, and then playing it, and sticking the microphone from the Loopy next to the Windows system speakers! I would like to do a little better than that in getting the iPad set up!)

I am hoping someone in the community can tell me what are considered the better or best apps to use to create music for loopy. I do have a MIDI keyboard...and am happy to spend a little money to get the right setup. Also any tips about getting apps to cooperate with Loopy and Audiobus.


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