Playing loop track in series (one after the other) rather than in parallel (multi-track)

Just new to Loopy and find it really smart way to make loop for live performance.

I am a traditional music fiddle and button accordion player and want to use loopy the same way I use Jamman Stereo. I usually play sets of tunes. The looper play the backtrack (ex. 32 bars of piano accomp.) and each track is for a different tune. I press the pagedown switch that makes Jamman finish the actual loop and start the next one right after.
Using a simple Bluetooth pedal (AirTurn duo bt-106), Looks like all I can do is waiting at the end of a playing track loop to Mute and play next track. To do so, I use the down (right pedal). The first track is an empty one so when I pagedown first time, it goes to the second track. After the last track, it goes back to first empty track. Is there a better way? I like the fact that I could go with my Ipad, Airturn pedal and Bose battery powered speaker playing on the street to try to make money to pay all these music toys.

Any advice? Thanks!

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