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When I press record loopy crashes

Hey I just downloaded the app today.. I made some cool loops ...now I want to record my arrangement, but when I hit record it jumps back to home screen on iPad Pro... I am also running audio bus 3 which I have also just downloaded ... is there a way to fix this? Thanks


  • Oh dear! Would you mind sending me your crash logs, emailed to michael at atastypixel.com? I'll take a look!

  • Hi I’m having a problem with the record button, when I try to record it shuts down the app. Is there a way to fix this?
    When I create a loop using a mic the input changes the volume randomly, what could this be?

  • Hey @jerome - I'm going to be releasing a fix for that crash soon, so stand by (and sorry for the inconvenience!). With the volume changes: try turning off or adjusting the settings on the noise gate.

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