seems input gain slider is broken ?

when using Loopy HD on Iphone4S with CCK + simplest usb audio dongle (c-media chip inside) the input gain slider by itself jumps to 50-60% from zero.
This make it unusable as volume level jumps many times, it almost damaged my ears few times. I did not notice it happens on Iphone 5. Because I do not have any other use for 2 old Iphone4S, can it be fixed somehow ?
No other programs are running only MIDIFire and LoopyHD.
All Iphone features are disabled except of those needed for music making.


  • This is strange! I can imagine it being one of two things:
    1. MIDI data - check your settings in Loopy for Bluetooth and midi bindings and make sure there is no binding set for input gain.
    2. Your audio interface may be bad. I have one audio interface that does weird things with volume, for me it is just at startup, but it suggests to me that the interface can sometimes be a factor.

  • this is how to reproduce
    on iphone4S close all apps.
    start loopy hd, connect USB dongle via CCK, set input gain to zero
    start playing a loop
    disconnect CCK or USB, internal speaker plays. - check input gain - is about 10%
    reconnect CCK or USB, external speaker plays - check input gain - is about 50-60%
    tested on two Iphone 4s

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    this is the nature of iOS audio, not a broken feature in Loopy. Some interfaces automatically reset the input gain each time you plug them in. When you unplug it, the iOS audio system will always reset, mic input switches to internal and speaker resets to internal/3.5mm. we can’t expect system volume or mic input levels to stay the same when unplugging the CCK. This is true for any app on iOS.

    As a matter of best practice, never have your headphones or speakers connected when setting up your apps and plugging in your audio interface. Yes, you are guaranteed to hurt your ears if you don’t follow this advice!

    You’ll want to force close all apps or restart iOS device, then open your primary music app (Loopy), set desired audio frame rate/ buffer, and then plug in your CCK and audio interface. Then you can set mic input levels that will not change, until your performance is finished and you can unplug the CCK.

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    Thanks for the good explanation. I noticed that IOS reacts on the connect disconnect events but can not think that it may affect internal application parameter. Can Loopy application notice this connection / disconnection and set the gain to its original level? Thumbjam as an example does not have this issue may be because there is no input gain setting? TJ has device volume and internal instrument, i did not see input gain there.

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