loopyapp with mcmillen softstep 2

Hello all!
I need some help to set up a KMI softstep 2 with the Loopyapp on an ipad mini 4 going through a focusrite itrack.

How do I set up and program the Softstep to:
play loop 1 by pressing button one on the Softstep and by pressing button two on the Softstep it finishes loop 1 and starts playing loop 2 and so on...

Much appreciated


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    I’m pretty sure this is going to be an easy feature to set up in Loopy Pro, the dream app still under development... not that that helps you right now :-/

    In another thread I suggested samplebot. Problem is I don’t think it will play back your tracks sequentially... in Samplebot as soon as you press track 2 it will start playing, and won’t wait for track 1 to finish.

    Check out LP-5, which is a clip launcher and might work more the way you are wanting.

  • @ropedmusic. You can sequence your tracks in Samplebot. Just tap record at the bottom of the page and trigger your tracks in the order you want them played. When you switch to the sequencer page it will be displayed visually there. You can then save the project.
    Very easy to use. Has Ableton Link etc.
    This may not be an ideal solution but like @Hmtx said, it will get you by until Loopy Pro gets here.

  • Hey all!
    Thanks for this @Hmtx and @Ben

    I received an email from Michael as well, reading that I could use Loopy for my loops and Samplebot for my one-shots. I will try and program the softstep to trigger both the Loopy and the Samplebot tmrw when I'm back in the studio.
    Is there anything I need to have in mind while doing this?

    @Hmtx seems like Loopy Pro (Masterpiece) will be the one to go for once it's out!
    Does anyone now an ETA?


  • Hey all!
    So it works very well to use both Loopy HD and Samplebot at the same time. I'm using buttons 1-5 on the softstep to trigger Loopy and buttons 6-0 to trigger Samplebot. It does however slowdown Loopy HD a little when using Samplebot at the same time. (Im using an iPad 4 mini).

    Come on Loopy Pro! Can't wait for the launch!


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