To record the first loop freely, without pre-defining the number of bars and their tempo?

How is this possible?


  • @jaliluca - you must not have a tempo set - in the menu - for this to work. It should show ———. If there is a bpm showing, the only way I know to clear it is with the “Reset current Session” found on the expanded menu as an icon (sheet of paper with folded corner). The time signature is set and you can change it (defaults to 4/4 I think). Where you would normally see the Play/Pause Button, it will say “clock not started”.

    Tap (or send midi command) on the track you want to record the first loop to and it starts recording immediately. Tap (or midi command) the track again and it ends recording.

    @ this point the bpm clock count/bars are set by Loopy. I believe Loopy tries to keep the bpm below a certain value (my experiments hint that it might be around 240).

    1 clarifying note with regards to clearing the bpm. Once you have started with an empty session and no bpm, you can clear all the tracks and it seems to do the trick. Originally I had loaded an old session from many versions ago and it didn’t work, but it looks like you don’t have to use the “Reset current Session”.

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