Play on beat - imported loops

Hello! I've imported 3 separate tracks into Loopy, drums (play all the time), chorus and outro. I'd would like to know if I can "arm" the chorus and outro to start before it begins and have it start playing at the next cycle? I can't seem to find an option to create the "cycle" from the 4 bar drum loop, so any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


  • @HumanV3 - first, the settings under Track management:

    • Synchronize tracks and Count-in/out Mute need to be ON
    • Play from start needs to be OFF

    With theses settings, you can arm the tracks to Start/Stop ( actually they Mute and unMute) by tapping the desired track any time prior to its loop position indicator ( the bright spot that moves around the outer circle) reaching its top ( 12:00 position). The bright spot will pulse, indicating that it is armed and will either Mute a track that is playing or unMute a track that is, well, Muted.

    Note: the Midi binding Track Actions > Toggle Mute track xx is equivalent to tapping on a track.

    Some care must be taken on when you arm the tracks if the loops are not the same length and I am assuming that you are providing a live Verse(s).

    In your example, 4 bar drum loop (repeats drum pattern after 4 bars ?). If you want the chorus/Outro to start at the end/start of the drum loop (4 bars) and the Chorus/Outro is:
    - 1 or 2 bars, then you must wait until the last bar or the second to last bar respectively of the drum track before arming the Chorus/Outro

    • 4 bars or any even multiple of the drum loop, the Chorus/Outro can be armed any time prior to its loop position indicator reaching the top (12:00).
    • Other Chorus/Outro bar lengths become difficult if not impossible without ending up with awkward silences (drum loop still playing).

    Let me know if that meets your needs.

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