Can I send a metronome-signal from loopy to another app on a different device?


I am a Bassplayer in a Band. Some time ago we decided to use sampler sounds in our music.

Thats why I bought the Loopy-App for iOS and connected it with a iRig Blueboard. Its fun and its working fine! I can play bass now and add sounds (which I audio copied to loopy) by pressing the footpedal.

The problem is: Our Drummer has his difficulties following the sounds. He would like to listen to the loopy-included metronome on his earphones. Is that possible? How? Can I send the metronom-signal via "virtual midi" or "midi clock" from the loopy-app on my iPhone to the metronome-app on his Smartphone?

Or is there a complete other way?

(We already tried Ableton Link. This app is fine as well, but it only works with Smartphones in the same network. Unfortunately we cannot connect, since we often have gigs in clubs without any internet at all.)

Thank you very much for all answers!


  • Please, anyone any idea??

  • @seife0506 - you would need some sort of network connectivity for anything to work. Blue tooth works in theory, but usually there is too much latency, although I haven't tried midi over Bluetooth and/or Link ( does Link even work over Bluetooth?). I think your best bet is to provide your own wifi network by using a wifi router. You would then have you own private network and you could use Link to sync a metronome app on the drummers phone.

  • Thanks! And what about „virtual midi“ or „midi clock“? Can I use one of this via Bluetooth between different devices?

  • @seife0506 - I have not experimented with Bluetooth midi between devices. I've only used Bluetooth for controller input. Perhaps someone with experience in this area will chime in. You might also ask on one of the other iOS forums (e.g. AudioBus) with a broader musical user base.

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