swiping a loop to clear it, and it drags it instead

Hi, I just stacked my clips on accident for about the billionth time, and I just thought I'd write in begging you to find another way to bring up that menu. I can never get that swipe to work on the first try, and sometimes it will drag my clip and drop it on another clip, combining them, which is cool, but I wish it would at least ask since they can't be separated, and it's not what I wanted to do. The whole swipe thing in this app is too imprecise. Even when it works, I have to swipe 5 times on average to get it to work. I suggest you find another way to bring up that menu.


  • @Jason - welcome to the forum.

    Here are a few suggestions that may help with the Re-record/Clear menu:

    • Depending on the iDevice you are using, it can get a little crowded using the max number of tracks. Use the track layout with the fewest number of tracks that meets your needs.
    • swipe diagonally from the center to get the Re-record/Clear menu, this allows you to swipe further without merging/moving the track.
    • swipe from the center to just past the outer edge quickly. And don't touch the surrounding track edges (see suggestion above) "Practice, Practice, Practice"
    • use a midi controller (physical or iOS app) and map this function to a button.

    If you have a suggestion on a better way to bring up the Re-record/Clear menu, @Michael has always been willing to listen.

    This is only my opinion, but a confirmation when swiping to move/merge would interrupt the whole flow of that process.

    Loopy is an instrument, or more basically, a tool. Most tools take knowledge and practice to use effectively, whether it is the swing of a hammer or the swipe of a finger.

  • Hey @Jason - I do concede that the gesture-heavy nature of Loopy's interface can lead to shenanigans sometimes. I've rethought the UI for Loopy Pro to resolve this, as well as adding undo/redo for slipups; that's coming later this year.

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