Irig pro Duo isnt working with Loopy HD

I'm a vocalist trying to use Loopy HD on my Iphone 5 for live shows. I have a Shure 58 going into a Boss Vocal pedal into the Irig pro Duo. This part is working when I test the Irig pro by going into Ableton Live on my laptop. But when I plug into the iphone and I open Loopy, the Irig lights up, the mike choice ( L, LR, R) appears, I select one or another but it never reacts again...


  • @kathykanada - I don't have an iRig pro Duo, but how are you connecting to your iPhone?

    -- lightning connector (cable provided with iRig)
    -- USB connected to CCK (or new CCK 3)
    -- Or ?

    Are you using or have you tried batteries in the iRig or the optional power supply?

  • Ah! This is the quintessentially stupid mistake! My batteries were low and since I plugged it into the adaptor it works like a charm. So sorry for taking your time up by reading this!

  • Glad you found it

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