Using Beats with Loopy

Is there a way for users to share and/or expand the existing loop/beats library?
I know you can 'import' a pre-existing 'beat' into a loop/session, and in-fact, Loopy comes with several 'beats' already (i.e. Jazz, RnB, Rock).
One way i have found to expand this library is to record my own 'beats' (using a Beats app. (DM1) along with Audiobus).
Then, with the beats recorded, save the Session as 'Drums'. After which you can later 'import' any of those loops/beats for use in a new session.
My thought was; it'd be cool if there were entire 'beat' packages that could be downloaded and installed as an alternate option to to creating them yourself. (sometimes you just need a quick/new beat to throw down and jam/loop to).
I'd be interested to hear others solutions for getting their 'beats' going.


  • when i use beats sometimes i prepare them in band in a box or with another program on a windows machine, make a zip file and send it to loopy hd via itunes. when loopy unzips the files i can use them as you described above.

  • @owi - Thanks, Are there certain file format requirements for Loopy to recognize/play your beats? And, do they have to be a 'zip' file before dropping them into Loopy via iTunes?

  • @Eggy - Loopy recognizes caf, aiff, aif, mp3, wav, mp4 and m4a. As for using a zip file, I believe that is only needed if you want to move multiple files, or if iTunes complained about the file type you are trying to use.

    You might check out this thread

    Also, if you go to the Home page of the forum and enter import into the search box, there may be other useful bits here and there depending on your situation.

  • @Michael I'm not sure if it is in line with Loopy's ethos but including some kind of loop store wouldn't be out of place. I don't know how it might fit into the UI but I think people would buy them as not everyone makes music from scratch. Just food for thought.

  • I really want to do that, @Supadom! I've actually already commissioned 200 or so loops from a great musician Sebastian introduced me to, will probably do a lot more. Just haven't put it together yet

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