May be useful to some of you - always on looping

I have been trying for months to find a “retroactive” looper. One that’s always recording (not overdubbing) and when I hit a button it stops that track from recording and loops the last four bars.

The needs a daw to work, I’m using ableton, but it would work with any daw if you set it up right.

I set up a midi clip in ableton the first note triggers “record” at the end of the clip the last two notes trigger “erase” twice. Once to bring up the confirm dialog and once to confirm.

That just runs constantly. The only other control is a midi pedal (it can be any trigger, I’m just using a pedal because I have one) mapped to “next loop.”

Thankfully loopy waits until the end of the measure before jumping to the next loop. So everything stays in time.

As an aside, if your having problems adjusting the input gain with loopy in studiomux launch loopy first, set the gain and then launch stufiomux.

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