midi control when jumping between apps

Hey Yo!
I control Loopy using a footswitch(s) and the different available 'bindings' feature.
I also use AudioBus and jump around between a couple Synth and Beats apps.
Is it possible somehow to have my footswitch still be able to start/stop Loopy when I am in (say) a Synth app.
I know there is the AB side-panel for starting Loopy recording, but since my hands are busy It'd
be super-cool if the footswitch still worked from outside of Loopy.


  • If your foot switch is based on QWERTY keyboard bindings, no.

    If it is a MIDI pedal, yes the commands will still go thru in the background. It’s magnificent.

  • @Hmtx Thanks, that explains it then. I am in fact using QWERTY keyboard (modified as a footswitch).

  • Ah, got it. This doesn’t work because iOS only receives keystrokes to the app that is currently in view on your device. As soon as Loopy gets put in background it won’t respond to the keystroke.

    There is a workaround if you have a spare iOS device. For example, connect your keyboard to an app called Sidecar on your iPhone. Sidecar can receive QWERTY input then send out a MIDI command to Loopy on your main iPad. It can be sent over WiFi or bluetooth to Loopy.

  • @Hmtx Thanks again, I may settle for just using my KB within Loopy for the time being. It's a $20 bluetooth PC keyboard and i glued rubber-bumpers to the keys i have programmed. it's a full-size kb so I can fit 10 switches/functions on it. I like that it is light, wireless, and inexpensive. (just be careful not to step hard on it, lol).
    I do have an iPhone so maybe i'll try that app you mentioned although i like to keep my setup as minimal as possible for open-mic quick setup/teardown.

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