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Best Audio Interface that can be Powered by the iPad?

Hello guys,

First of all, let me apologize if this subject has been addressed elsewhere already... I've been searching the forum and I could only find old topics about this that have become outdated due to tech evolution.

So I was wondering, is there's anyone out there using "self" powered audio interfaces to busk?

So far the only unit I've found that fits in this category is the Scarlet 2i2, but it seems a bit limited in terms of output options and also it only has RCA out connections... not a fan... for no particular reason, maybe it's just prejudice :D

Is anyone using one of these?

I've also come across some good reviews about the Behringer UMC204HD, which is very cheap and provides a very decent range of options when it comes to connectivity... the only problem being that it seems it can not be powered by the iPad, so that means that I would have to buy a power bank and a powered USB hub, which will amount to more or less the 2i2 price but with more gear to carry...

I would appreciate your feedback guys.




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