Lightning adapter causes noise

Hi there. I have an iRig2 and I'm using Audiobus > Tonebridge > Loopy HD for recording guitar (just private stuff, nothing high quality or for live performing). I've just bought an iPhone 8 which only has a Lightning connector. So I have to use the lightning to headphones adapter / dongle to be able to plug in the iRig2.

However, I am experiencing cracks and noises; it doesn't sound as crisp as it used to. Is this a known issue caused by the lightning adapter and are there (cheap) fixes for this?


  • Hey, this happened to me as well. Using Loopy through my amplifi 150, disconnected and reconnected it a few times and the issue seemed to clear up. I just started using it though, so hopefully it doesn't come back.

  • Try pulling power from different places.
    Try a furman power conditioner.

  • Worst case, unless you are using studiomux, run the iPad on batteries.

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