Verse/Chorus/Verse, or, 'Toggle record, mute, then play previous track' binding

Does anyone have a solution for recording a Verse and Chorus and switching between them uninterrupted?
I have a midi pedalboard that i want to use to record the Verse on one Track then the Chorus on another Track and be able to switch between the two uninterrupted.
Here's how i have it setup presently, and where i get stuck:
Using the 'Binding' for 'Toggle record, mute, then record next track' on my stomp switch #1.
This lets me lay down the Verse (on track#1), then stomp again to cut straight to laying down the chorus (on track#3) .
My problem is i don't see how to 1) Stop recording the chorus and 2) have it switch back to the Verse.
I thought there might be a binding for:' Toggle record, mute, then play previous track'.
Am i missing something? Or is there an alternate solution?
(btw: I'm not using 'Synhronization') .

I am able to use the binding for 'Mute and play next muted track' (using a third stomp switch) and this will toggle between the two tracks (Verse and Chorus), but it's only after I have manually recorded both (or otherwise interrupted the process).

Love the App! Can't wait to use it at open-mic.
btw: i'm using it with my guitar and effects pedal (Digitech RP-500, works beautifully USB into an iPad, GB, and Loopy)


  • Here's my midi board (lol, it's a stripped-down USB keyboard). I did find a solution thought it's a bit unorthodox.
    I bind 'X' to "Toggle record, mute, record next track', Then
    i bind 'B' to 'Toggle Mute/Track1' (verse), and
    i bind 'N' to 'Toggle Mute/Track3' (chorus), and hit them both at once. I leave the 'Count in/out Mute' option off and just stomp on the next measure.
    I did see some of the other posts for verse/chorus, but everybody probably does it differently to suit their needs (...the beauty of Loopy).

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