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I already did my compliments for Loopy... great app!!!

Now, after some week of use, I have some little suggestion:

  1. The orange control bar is very nice but I find it that the horizontal scroll (on the short side) it is very hard to use and the thing that it's a never ending loop (at the end it start again from the beginning) doesn't help. Personally I think that the main controls (play/pause and tempo) should always be visible.
    In alternative... to leave the aspect of the app very similar to now. The control orange area could scroll vertically (on the long side) with the main and more used control at the boundaries so that we can go quickly (i.e.) to the top to find the play/pause/tap/tempo and to the bottom to change the length of the loop.

  2. I think that the "group" thing will be very useful. I don't know if you are planning to add it (I can't figure out how to do it in a simple way), but in the meantime I think that you should allow to assign the same midi event to more than one action (with a warning, maybe). If I can Mute on/off multiple tracks with a single midi signal I can easily manage complex structure of songs (verse, chorus, etc.) without loosing the easy of use of Loopy.


P.S. [OT]
I'm a professional musician and I have to do an hardware review (in italian) of the Tascam iU2... I decided to use Loopy as software, I'll let you know :-)


  • I have similar frustrations with the horizontal swiping of the control bar, particularly on the iPhone. I like the vertical swipe idea but would prefer something like one of these options:

    1. A button for all four views always visible, two on the top and two on the bottom.
    2. On the iPad anyway, reduce it to two panels. Tempo and metronome on one, loop length on the other. Play/stop on both.
    3. A 5th bar with user configurable buttons. If it were possible, I'd include a link to settings on that panel to quickly get to things like play through and count in changes.
  • Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'll have a think about this and see if I can come up with something better.

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