AUv3 Loopy?

Hey @Michael , I was just wondering about this whole new fangled AUv3 thing...

1) Could the existing Loopy be made to be an AUv3 instrument to be hosted within other apps? Like BM3, Garageband, etc

2) Will Loopy Pro be able to do the same (be a AU instrument) - or would it be more likely to be a host for other AUs

I'm trying to figure out if would there be any benefit to Loopy HD being an AU instrument.... I think if it was then I could probably host it in BM3 and have a hell of a lot of fun! Hah - then maybe we could have different instances of Loopy HD running in different places and play on verse / choruses using the Scenes within BM3?

Just ruminating....


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    Hmm I’ve just been playing with brambos Rozeta apps using AUM and also attempted to pop them into BM3 and GarageBand.

    So my thoughts now are that maybe Loopy could be an AU fx plug in so that it could be popped onto a track (or fx track in BM3) - rather than being an AU instrument.

    It might be very useful if it’s possible.

  • My thoughts currently are that Loopy Pro will be an AUv3 host, and at some point (maybe at launch, but probably later) I'll add a cut-down AUv3 instrument mode

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