Would this setup work?

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This to control the different loops:


This for the interface:


If I’m understanding the tech correctly, I would plug the guitar, iPad, and the Behringer pedal into the Presonus. Then I would plug the Presonus into the PA system via a direct box. I can activate, record, and turn on/off loops using the Behringer pedal. The FireWire will send signals back and forth between the iPad Loopy and the Behringer. Is that correct? Will this work?


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    @MattAyers - can’t comment on the presonus, but I use an FCB1010. It’s a tank ( as in Heavey as..) but works quite nicely and gives you lots of programming banks ( per haps too many to decide sometimes ;-). No Firwire involved with the FCB1010, its old school din midi connectors.

    Communication would be iPad - CCK (or what ever they want to call the 30pin/lightning connector to usb adaptor - not the sync/charging cable) - PreSonus USB - PreSonus midi 5pin din - FCB1010

  • Sorry still new to this. So if I get the CCK, I plug the USB side into the Presonus, and the Lightning side into the iPad, and that will facilitate communicating back and forth?

  • Yes, that is the way you connect any of the (generic) audio interfaces, unless they have a dedicated connection/cable for iOS devices.

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