Anyone using Loopy *with* Ableton Live?

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I've had Loopy for awhile, and it might seem like a crazy question... is anyone using Loopy with Ableton Live? Obviously, Live has ample looping capability. But I keep reading how Loopy is viewed as a very intuitive looper facilitating musical creativity. So I'm trying it.

If you are using Ableton Live and working at a computer... let me know how you got it hooked up. I'm trying it with

guitar > M-Audio audio interface > Macbook Air mic out > iRig > iPhone running Loopy. Using headphones plugged into iRig.

-- Joe


  • I've used Loopy HD with Ableton Live a few times - recording loops into Loopy and using Ableton as a glorified drum machine.

    I run guitar -> POD HD500 -> generic audio interface -> CCK -> iPad

    then MIDI sync over WIFI. FWIW, it works much better for me when Loopy is the host.

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