Foot switching set up for live performance

This is a question regarding how best to set up a foot switching system to control Loopy live.
This would be for a solo guitar/vocal set up

I am currently using an IK Blueboard for creating loops and it works pretty well, but to take this set up out for live performance I’m lacking some necessary bindings. Here’s what I’m thinking I will need:

  1. Start/Stop Loopy
  2. Presets to mute/unmute 3-4 prerecorded loops (starts at the beginning of the loop)
  3. Presets to record/mute/unmute 3-4 empty loops (recorded live on-the-fly)
  4. Volume for a selected loop
  5. Advance to next Session (Optional)

I had thought the Blueboard might be able to cover all this (with an added expression pedal), but I have been unable to find a binding for #2 above and I really need more than four switches at a time, so I’m thinking of getting the Behringer FCB1010, but I’m not sure how easy it is to create a binding from scratch…

Any advice or suggestions?

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