Tracks out of sync

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Ok, I'm new to Loopy, so this may be a "D'Oh!" moment. But my tracks keep getting out of sync with each other. I'll record a four bar track, then record another four bar track and they're fine at first, but they start getting out of sync. I'm using Audiobus 3 with Loopy along with a Blueboard for start/stop etc... Also my interface is the Behringer FCA1616/ADA8200
Any ideas?? Thanks!


  • Turn on “synchronize tracks” in the settings and that will make start/end points line up perfectly in your tracks.

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    Thanks Hmtx...Yes, that is on. Everything looks to be set up correctly from what I can tell...

    Question...could 'Count In Quantize' to anything other than 'clock length' be the issue?

  • Hey @jg707 - Count In Quantize won't affect that; as long as "Synchronise Tracks" is on, Loopy should enforce that loops are all multiples/power-of-two fractions of the master loop length, so they should all line up. It's super weird that's not happening for you.

    Would you mind starting a new session, recording a few tracks that demonstrate the issue, and then syncing that project over via iExplorer/iFunbox to your computer and emailing me the project? I'd like to take a look and try to figure out what's going on.

  • Hi Michael,

    Yes I will do that. The problem seemed to clear up once I set'Count In Quantize' to 'clock length' however...

  • That’s interesting! What was it set to before?

  • It turns out it was set to 2 bars. Once I changed it to “clock length” everything sync’d right up. Oddly, I have not been able to recreate the original problem however... I think I’m going to have assume the problem was something I was doing.

    Thank you all for the help and support!!

  • That's very odd! Bit of a pain that it remains a mystery - oh well!

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