Is IOS 11 ok?

I just started the download of IOS 11 on my Ipad Aire 2. Is it ok to install? I mostly use it for live looping on stage, more now that the latency problems have disappeared with later versions of IOS.


  • @panmanphil. I’ve read varying reports regarding ios11 and the Air2. My workflow is AUM opened in the input of AB3 with any number of different apps and a DAW, usually Loppy in the output.
    Initially after updating I was getting a load of crackling when switching apps, moving volume sliders, swiping etc. Made it unusuable.
    Now every time before I start a session I do a hard reset of my iPad and I use 1024 buffer size in AB3.
    This mostly makes synth and drum apps behave but I get latency on amp sim apps like JamUp and Tonestack so I use 256 when I play bass.
    Not ideal but it’s a work around. I’m on 11.1. Hope this helps.

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