Behringer Q502USB interface problem?

edited October 2017 in Equipment

I've just purchased Behringer Q502USB mixer to interface with Loopy (Iphone 5S) and everything seemed to work fine at first. Then the I started having problems with "hanging input" — the output playback was ok, but Loopy stoped hearing anything on the input and kept repeating small portion of incoming audio (~0.5s) which came to the input at the time of glitch.
I have to restart Loopy or reconnect the usb to have it fixed.
Can't see any pattern in that behaviour, it just happens sooner or later.
I don't know yet if it's a problem with the Behringer or Loopy since I haven't tested the mixer with other software or hardware.
Anyone experienced anything similar?

edit: I'm using powred usb hub (also using usb2midi converter) and the problem seems to disapear when I omit the hub... I guess I'll try different hub first

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