Loopy and audiobus3 MIDI

I'm not sure if I'm missing something in the UI, but it seems I can't set Loopy as a midi receiver in my Audiobus 3 setup.

So my questions:
* Am I missing something and this is actually possible?
* Shouldn't the AB team get stuff to work in their ecosystem at least for their own apps? It's been a while.
* When should we expect this?

Sorry about the pessimism, wasn't too happy to pay the steeper price for AB3 as an AB2 customer, and not getting the MIDI stuff that's basically all that's new is pretty sad.


  • Hey @Whistler,

    Loopy doesn't work with MIDI - it's an audio-only app, so it doesn't really make sense to act as a MIDI receiver. While it does accept control (CC, etc) from MIDI interfaces, Audiobus MIDI is really just for notes, not CC controls.

    So, this isn't going to happen in Loopy. Loopy Pro, however, will speak MIDI, so that'll obviously support AB3's MIDI system.

  • Thanks for the straight answer @Michael

    I only use these apps with an acoustic guitar and a mic, so I only use MIDI for control. The primary input device is a BlueBoard that works best in note mode.

    What I currently have to do is turn on the board, start MidiFlow, connect to the board manually, launch Audiobus, launch Loopy, launch effects for both channels... A lot of work, so much that I frankly don’t do it. Something to consider maybe, the Loopy customer base is a lot more than MIDI players and someone with a guitar in hand HAS to use MIDI.

  • Is it that the BlueBoard doesn't connect directly to Loopy? I use a midi footswitch and don't need to use any other apps to have it control Loopy.

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