Loopy HD won't record

After happily using loopy HD for the last month or so, this morning when I try to record a loop, the light comes on for a fraction of a second and then shuts off. Closing Loopy and restarting did not fix it but restarting the iPad did.

Can anybody educate me as to what might be causing this



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    @gmpolin - I am guessing that "the light comes on.." is referring to the track circle becoming bright (active).

    The only thing basic thing I can think of would be that you have a very short predefined loop time and Count-out Recording enabled (under Track Management).

    Are you trying to add to an existing session or starting a new one? Is Count-out Recording enabled? Are you using Midi to control Loopy?

  • Yes...the orange light.. the track circle becomes active and then immediately shuts off

    I was in the middle of an existing session using seemingly the same parameters that I have been all along....since restarting the program didn't solve it but rebooting the iPad did I assumed it was something on the iPad itself and since I am a naïve iPad user, I thought maybe everybody knew what sort of things would stop loopy from recording.

    I guess not!

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