Creating loops in GarageBand on MacBook

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Hi, I hope I didn't overlook an existing answer to that subject :)

I try to create my own loops in garageband on my MacBook Pro because I don't have an audio interface for the iPad. I run the latest release of Loopy HD and Garageband.

Here is the problem:
I choose a clean session in Loopy HD on my iPad. Then I go to Garageband on my iPad and choose let's say a drum loop from drummer Logan (Double Live). The setting is: 8 bars, tempo 110, 4/4. I export it directly with AirDrop to Loopy and I get there nearly the same loop. The loop circle is filled 100%. The tempo is detected by Loopy with 109.9. As mentioned in another thread in this forum Garageband can create a tiny pause at the end of the track which can be the reason for this difference between 110 and 109.9.

Now I try the same with Garageband on my MacBook Pro (at first I create a fresh session in Loopy on my iPad). I choose exactly the same drum loop with the same settings and export it with AirDrop to Loopy on my iPad. What I get is a circle which is filled just 60%. The detected tempo is 136.4.

I tried the same with audio and midi drum loops from Apples loop library. The result was the same. At last I went the iTunes way and exported the loop to my iTunes library. But the same result here! The audio file is 'longer' than the audio is playing ..
Surprisingly that 'gap' doesn't occur when I export the loop to my hard drive.

What is the reason for this? What do I wrong in Garageband on the MacBook?

Thank's Martin

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