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Most Simple and Inexpensive Rig?

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I'm a beatboxer looking to use Loopy for live performances, and I was wondering what I'll need to have Loopy work as a simple loop-pedal replacement. I wouldn't be running any other inputs or effect pedals, but merely wanting to have my external mic and amp connect with my iPad somewhere in between haha.

I've been scouring the forums, and I've read a lot about Tascam iU2. Is that the only solution, or are there more simple, cheaper methods out there?


  • For iPad u can utilise the camera connection kit and a core audio interface with midi, but I have no experience how reliable these are. Tascam is not a great option though: cheaply made, ridiculous short connection cable and some strange behaviour on some apps (incl loopy!). I am waiting for this http://us.focusrite.com/ipad-audio-interfaces/itrack-solo can not recommend but at least seems to be build much better than tascam. Will report in October once I get my hands on it.

  • I see. Just curious, would a similar set-up be most optimal for Loopy on iPhone as well? Also, what kind of cables would be needed?

  • FYI I'm testing the Tascam iU2 with the new iOS 6 and all the problems of strange behaviour seems to be gone...

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    great to hear that! are you using the newest version of loopy? Also can one choose which channel goes to which loop and which loop goes to which output? Hope I made myself clear here. I was planning on getting tascam and just had the money saved up and then I read those bad reviews and held fire...then a possibility to buy a super cool amp came along and off went the saved up money :p
    NO LONGER LOOKING TO TEST iTRACK - dunno how - but I missed it lacks midi I/O!!! :(

    Therefor I am even more interested to hear your full loopy experience on iU2. The iOS6 update did not finish so well for some garage band users though!!!

    @ Jello

    "most optimal" set-up will depend on what you want to record and how you want to monitor this recording really... tascam definitely works on iphone but iTrack will not be officially supported on iphone although I did get a green light of focusrite support team (iphone 4s though, so dunno about older)

    just as an example if you are not going to require midi in for pedal control you could happily get away with the apogee jam
    very good sound quality, but 1 in 1 out and no midi... but for a beatboxer for example would be good enough.

    THERE WILL BE NO iTRACK review from me as per above

    hope the audiobus is running on schedule without too many annoying passengers ;)

  • @ToniFranco
    Sorry but I don't understand.
    The iU2 has just 1 output stereo (left an right)... What do you mean with "choose which loop goes to which output?" You just pan the loop left or right to choose the output...

  • @Balla

    Sorry, I did think I made it all confusing, but yep you cleared it up thanks :)

    What about input then?
    Can I choose that for example my left input (guitar) goes to loops 1-6 and my right input (vox) goes to loops 7-12 ??

    Are you going to post some videos of your Tascam iU2/Loopy review?

    Sorry to bother you with so many questions, but there is absolutely no videos or articles online for the actual user experience of iu2 and not even mentioning combined with loopy

    Many thanks

  • @ToniFranco
    I don't think that Loopy can route inputs to different loop slots or at least I don't know how to do it. You can change the source of your recording but I don't think you can assign permanently an input to a slot and the other input to another slot... BTW nothing to do with the iU2, it's a Loopy feature limit.

    Of course I will post a video of my review, but at the moment I'm waiting for a response from Tascam about the availability of the iU2... I can't find it anymore on the Tascam main site and I don't like to spend time doing a review of a discontinued product...

  • @Balla
    Thank you kindly for clarifying this. Buoy if only I could be 100% sure I can use loopy with iU2 without any issues disallowing me to use it live... My set up is simple. Guitar into my boss fx pedal and then into loopy, hopefully using iu2, then fcb1010 again into iu2 for midi control. On top I wanted to add mic for my vox input into loopy, but as I understand this would record both channels simultaneously on iu2? So I would need to mute my mic when recording guitar? I thought this thing has 2 ins? But I think that was just a misconception...

    wow! in regards to tascam, they did pull it off their website:

    hmm, got to stick to irig + irig midi for now then :(

  • Hey guys - I thought I'd just chime in. You can indeed select which input channel(s) to record from - but it's app-wide. When you have the iU2 plugged in, there'll be a new section on the panel (microphone icon) which lets you select which input combination to use (say, ch1+2 stereo, or ch1 mono, or ch3, or ch3+4). You can change it at any time, but it currently affects all loops - it's not a per-loop thing, although it's on my todo list.


  • Hey guys, just thought I'd mention I got around to buying the Tascam iU2, and while still testing it, it's been working perfectly for my needs. Even the the buggy-ness that it's notorious for hasn't reared its ugly head!

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    About the iU2: someone told me that the problem is just some copyright controversial about the name, but the product is still in production and will be again on-line soon with a slightly different name...

  • @Balla

    Great news indeed! Lets hope Michael can sort out the midi bugs soon and can't wait to see your video review :D

  • @Balla

    Hi there! Have you got any updates on the Tascam iu2 review? I am really keen to see it working with loopy.
    I jailbroke my iphone over the weekend to see how it would work with the cck and a edirol audio/ midi interface... The sound quality was awesome :), but after using the interface for longer then 7-10 minutes some audio drop-outs appeared and then crackles and then uber annoying noise... :/
    On top of that loopy did not recognise the edirol as a midi input at all, so I was not able to use my fcb1010 for control :/

    So yeah, had to go back to unjailbreaking the iphone - buoy was that fun lol - and ended up with the newest ios version. sigh... I still have the previous loopy though... and I remember you wrote somewhere that tascam iu2 worked really well with the older loopy version on ios6... dare to share any experience? IU2 is still missing from the tascam website and that answer about copyright stuff seems a bit vague to say the least.
    Many thanks & greets

  • In a few days my review will be on line, but it's in Italian... ;-)
    I used Loopy just a little bit in the review because of the new bugs introduced with the latest version... and I realized that it's very hard for me (with multiple iDevices) to stay with an old version of Loopy HD on the iPad. I updated Loopy on the iPhone 5 and the new version automatically came in the iPad too! :-)

    I know that someone doesn't like this things about Apple (like this automatic updates), but personally I really love that. I just can spend more time on playing music that on updating software :-)
    I just hope that Michael can fix it ASAP... at least the way it was before, please!!

    BTW I can confirm that the iU2 works very well with iOS 6 and I used it for hours (audio and MIDI) without a single problem. When I need to use it more seriously sometimes I close all the apps and I restart the iPad... just to feel more safe, but it works very well even without restarting.

    I know that the iU2 is still missing on Tascam website and I don't know if they told me the truth... but the product for me is very good and unique for some thing (audio, midi and charging all together).
    I'll post the link of the review when will be published on www.theapplelounge.com

  • @ Review
    Great to hear that! Although my Italian is pretty limited lol ;)

    @ Tascam
    I know that like any corporation they need to make the buck and bad opinion does not help, but their comms is below any level of acceptance. Although audio + midi + charging is very tempting. I guess I'll wait till after new year and make myself a little treat :) and will follow up with a video

    Molte Gracie!

  • Sorry about that @Balla =) The next update is all working fine in testing, and I'll be sending it to Apple over the next few days. It's taken longer than I planned 'cos of Audiobus-based delays, but we're nearly there.


    Hey Guys I was reading your comments and I was wondering If you could help me cause I have a really important question and You all seem to know what your talking about, expecially BALLA... Can I use the Tascam iu2 to hook up a midi keyboard that I could use to control synth apps and actually play melodies on the midi keyboard??? I have some really great synthesizer apps like the Korg Animoog, Sunrizer XS, Figure by propeller head, etc. and I just received my iU2 but can't figure out how I can even use it... can you guys tell me apps you know that work with this interface cause It doesnt seem to work with anything besides as an audio interface but I really need it to be able to ise a midi keyboard to play out harmonies and melodies... Can you tell me if thats possible and if so how and also IF I can use it to record the audio and midi notes I play into Ableton Live???? Please let me know anything that might Help??? IS there a program that comes with this to help setup the preferences and stuff???? Im so lost it's pathetic PLEASE HHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe it's something related to your software... I tried with GarageBand and Loopy and MIDI is working perfectly... there's nothing to do, just plug in the cable.

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    @ djbabyboyreed

    What is the exact type of keyboard you are trying to use with IU2?
    Animoog is not by Korg lolz ;)

    @ Balla & anyone interested

    Got the IU2 yesterday! So far I can't complain. I plug in my guitar on the L-in and mic on the R-in. This way I can send the L output to guitar amp and R to the PA :D
    On the MIDI side of things, the 3,5 mm jack gets better! You can pair 2 devices into the one midi IN slot, by using a simple 2 to 1 3,5 mm adapter! Tested and so far working absolutely fine! I use my fcb1010 to control Loopy and Edirol PCR-M50 to play keyboards/synth/drums from Garage Band. No MIDI splitter required! The only thing is when you swap between Loopy and GarageBand, you have to wait a moment for the garangeband to start responding correctly. Some stuck notes etc. But if you keep loopy in background and play with GB on top this does not happen :)

    So overall I'm really happy so far with the purchase. I got myself a looper with 2ins and 2 outs, drum machine/workstation for iphone in one for £90! (iphone not included lol)
    Specs: iPhone4s iOS6, Loopy 2.2 - the newer versions of loopy are too buggy for me, but I will definitely check out the audiobus version once it's out

  • @ToniFranco
    Great setup!
    I "unfortunately" upgraded to iPhone5 so I can't use the iU2 with my phone anymore... but it works great with my "old" iPad 3rd gen. :-)

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