Finger Tapping Noises


I am a new to using Loopy HD and I notice that when I try to record simple vocal loops by manually tapping the track record button to start and stop the loop, the noise of my finger tapping to end the loop can be heard on the track. It sounds quite awful. Any suggestions for eliminating these finger tapping noises?


  • Welcome @Treva - what you describe sounds like the built-in mic picking up your screen taps. I have a couple of suggestions. Although the newest iPhones also use pressure (3D touch), Loopy is not using that feature, so although we say "tap", we really mean "touch". So you may need to practice "touching" with less force. If you have any length of finger nails, you need to "touch" in such a way as to not have you fingernail hit the screen. You fingernail will not be recognized by the screen as a tap/touch, only your flesh. And lastly, if you have the iPad/phone setting on a surface (e.g. Table, etc..), you may need to have something soft under it. The case on a hard surface may be creating the noise.

    Alternatively, you could use an external microphone (connected with a cable). This would decouple any tapping noise created by tapping on the screen (with proper mic placement and if the tapping volume is not excessive). There is also the possibility of using an external midi controller instead of tapping on the screen to control Loopy.

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