User loops management

Hi I found a bug which sounds common where loops I transfer through itunes to Loopy don't appear, a finite number apper but not all the files itunes confirms are on the Ipad. Reinstalling sounds like it solves this. Happy to do that burt does data remain intact? Sessions recordings, user loops etc?

Love this App, good luck with the next stage. Whens the Global Loopy Fest happening?!

Thanks Llew


  • Hey @tewllew - thanks for letting me know (and the kind words!). Are the files that aren't showing up the same type (same extension) as the others that are showing up? Quite mysterious.

    If you reinstall, you'd need to pull everything out via iTunes/iExplorer, then zip it up and put it back in again after you've reinstalled.

  • Thanks for that. No all the same file extension, all .wav I have repeated the transfer of folder with all files on my Iphone and that has worked perfectly. Will reinstall LoopyHD on the Ipad and backup files as you recommend, thats what I normally perform on.

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