SampleBot / Loopy Pro for ios 10 only???


A question mainly for Michael:

I signed up to test the upcoming SampleBot app, unfortunately I could't because it seems to be ios 10 compatible only.

So that got me worried: Are the versions of SampleApp and Loopy Pro going to be only for ios >10?

I'm still sticking to ios 9.2, and I can't imagine I'm the only one out there, yes?!


  • No answer? :/ Well it seems I'm screwed, then...

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    Screwed... no, not exactly. You have a hardware/software combination released two years ago that can still run a great looping station with Loopy HD, presumably working for many more years.

    Will you be restricted from using new apps? of course. And that is a bummer, can definitely be frustrating. But it comes down to your own choice to decide whether or not you can do what you want with an older setup or if you need to make upgrades so you can use new apps. I don't think it is fair to blame the consequences of that choice on hard working developers who can only feasibly build their apps for the 98% of users who stay on current iOS or 1 previous version.

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    And next month iOS 9 falls into that category of 2 versions old. So percentage-wise there will be very few devices remaining on iOS 9 by the time Loopy Pro is released. I don't know Michael's answer, but I would imagine you'll need a device that can run iOS 10 at least.

  • Sorry about the delay - been flat out over here! Yep, iOS 10 only; supporting 9 and earlier is just too great a burden, I'm afraid.

  • @Hmtx

    Yeah, you you're right. I guess I made my personal case a generality.
    I honestly didn't see ios 9 was that much obsolete, that's it.

    OK then, I'll stick with Loopy HD, which remains nevertheless an incredible app!

  • @Michael

    Thanks for the answer!

  • Thanks for the kind words! :)

  • @Michael, Do we have to go into Test Flight to get the latest version?
    Also, how do we access the tutorial?

  • Yep, you'll need to update from TestFlight. Tutorial should come up on its own the first time

  • Ok. Got it. The tutorial only goes to the hi hat step then stalls out. Love the additions.
    This is really coming together.

  • ?????
    And now even loopy is ios10 mandatory???

    Not cool. :(

  • Don’t worry, I can confirm Loopy will still run on older iOS systems.

    If you want the latest free update and new free feature additions, yes, you’ll have to update to iOS 10.2 or newer. It looks like Michael enabled Bluetooth on the latest version! Very cool. I imagine this might be part of why iOS 10 is required.

    Thanks Michael for constant improvements for this great looper.

  • @Hmtx
    Are running, the last ios11?
    I'm considering upgrading, but obviously, only going ios11 is possible today.

    However, when I read things like this

    or this :

    and even this:

    Well, I'm kinda scared...

    What is your feedback on this?

    (apart from the fact that we can't use any 32bit apps anymore)

  • Yep, I’m running latest iOS 11.1 Everything is great in Loopy on the 12.9 iPad Pro 2015.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get out my stage setup in a few months. So I haven’t tested iOS 11 with my audio interface or midi footpedal.

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