Battery life newer iPhones

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I'm using LoopyHD for recording guitar loops, nothing fancy. I have an iRig for my guitar input and use Audiobus with an amplifier app. My good old iPhone5 starts to get really hot and the battery is draining really fast.. Because of this I'm thinking about upgrading to a newer iPhone.

Does anyone have experiences with the battery life of newer iPhones and also with recording with the lightning jack dongle? Working with Loopy would be my main reason to upgrade to a newer iPhone so I want to be sure I'm making the right decision.



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    I bought an iPhone SE to upgrade from my trusty 4S.
    It's a really powerful beast and the battery lasts well.. If you are happy to stay at the same screen size you can't go wrong - its an absolute bargain :)

  • In general, my iPhone 6s drains way faster than my iPad, using just Loopy and a guitar app like Tonestack. I wouldn't trust it for a long live gig without a way to charge it.

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