loopy audio not audible in Audiobus 3

Hi...I must be missing something here...Loopy is playing and I can see the meter bouncing up and down in Audiobus mixer....but no sound. Other apps working and sounding fine...I have simply got my headphones plugged into the ipad .Any suggestions gratefully received...thanks


  • Hey @jazubon - have you added the speaker output in Audiobus?

  • @Michael I saw this recently a couple of times too (AB3). Loopy was in the output slot and monitoring turned on. I had to shut down AB3 and redo my setup, not sure what caused the issues. Haven't seen it with the latest version of AB.

  • adding speaker output does do the trick. a lot of apps don't require this I have found.

    also...is there a way to solo a track? thanks for the responses.

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