OnSong and Loopy HD link song session to a song in OnSong possible?

I am using OnSong for my live music work and use a voice live 3 for guitar and loops. The voice live only has 50 loop slots and I have many more songs than that so am looking for alternatives. I can make midi PC messages to send out to my Voicelive to call up a song patch that also hold the prerecorded loop I want. Is this possible in Loopy HD? Can you send a PC or other midi message to Loopy to call up a song/session? I can't find any info on doing this so I am thinking it's not possible. Any help would be awesome.


  • @Asoots - currently no. Midi and BT keyboard only work on the session that it currently loaded. You have to manually select a session to load, and/or manually load prerecorded backing track/loops to new sessions.

    I believe for the next iteration (Loopy Masterpiece/Pro), these features are being worked on or at least seriously considered. No time frame when this may be though.

  • This is indeed built into Loopy Pro already, but as @Ganthofer said, I don't have a firm release date just yet, I'm afraid.

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    Thanks guys I will anxiously await it's arrival!

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