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Hi there,

I want to use a synth looping app and use the output of that app as input into Loopy. Is this possible?


  • Actually, yes, with a bit of hardware - take a look at this thread:

    I'm currently investigating a more software-based solution, but it's in the very early R&D stages, so no promises yet.
  • Hi.

    I know that Loopy can run on the background (when I press the menu button, it continues playing; the setting "play in background" is on).

    If I do turn on another music app (such as algoriddim's djay for iphone), Loopy stops playing (although the app is still running on the background, since when I do turn it back on, the sound resumes playing right back again). I thought that I would be able to have Loopy playing something, together with another music creation app such as djay. Although the djay app also plays on the background (when I press the menu button, it keeps playing), when I turn on Loopy, it also shuts down the sound that was coming from the djay app.

    Can anyone tell me if this is something restricted by the compatibility between these 2 specific apps or is this something that might also occur with other music apps?

    Is there a way of making these 2 apps run together, with sound output, at the same time?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hey Ricardo,

    I haven't actually got the djay app, but there's one easy test - when you send djay to the background, do you see its name in a red bar at the top? If so, it's unlikely to work at the same time as Loopy, because it's recording (and only one app can record at a time).

    I've been meaning to tweak Loopy so that it turns off the recording system when backgrounded, but I haven't found an elegant way to do so yet. I haven't given up, though =)
  • Hey Michael,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    When I send djay to the background (is keeps playing), it shows NO red bar at the top. Nonetheless, its sound output goes away when Loopy comes back in to the "foreground".

    Regardless of that, Thanks for listening and making Loop an even better app along the way!

    You Rock!

  • Oh, so much for that theory! Does the same thing happen to djay with other audio apps?

    Why, thank you! (And you're welcome ;-))

    Cheers =)
  • Morning! I have iPad2, Apogee JAM, and I'd love to record processed effects sounds from my guitar + AmpKit or GarageBand into Loopy. Is it possible? Thnx!
  • Soon, yes! Take a look at the last few posts from
  • Hi there! Having a slight problem... I really don't know what I've done ... Or was doing before... But I could tap record in loopy then go to another app and record that live into loopy in the background.. For some
    Reason I can't figure it out anymore... Been having probs importing audio and drum loops as the timing is always changed as soon as imported unless its the first track.. I wanna be able to press record, count in, and record from another app .. I have done so before but I cannot for the life of me figure out how I was doing it...
  • Hi Jack,

    This has never been possible, so I'm not sure what you were doing before =)

    You might be interested in Audiobus,
  • I worked out that what I was doin is recording a "blank" session and then in overdub mode goin into the other app.. Found that worked out.. What about being able to import or audiopaste without it changing the speed of the track..? Is this possible ?:)
  • Ahh, right - you were probably recording the output from the device's speaker. That'd do it, kinda.

    That is possible, yep - you just need to turn off the "Fit" switch at the bottom of the import screen.
  • Say I import it from an email for example. I can save a sound file from another app but it will only send via email. When I send it to myself I can open it in loopy but unless I open it in a new session it changes the timing. Is it possible to stop this.? Seams to change even if this option is off.
  • Good point, @NeliNelson - I'm pretty sure you're right. I'll fix this in the next update (till then, you can just delete the loop from the session, then re-import it from the import screen, where it'll now be available, and make sure the 'fit' switch is off)
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