Input/output audio from/to specific USB audio ports

I'm very new to Loopy as well as to everything else. I'm using Loopy HD on an iPad and have it connected to an iConnect Audio4+.

On the iPad I run other audio apps and I want each of them to use their own USB audio ports on the iCA4+.

As far as I can tell, Loopy doesn't provide a setting for this. Maybe I just didn't find it.



  • Hey @murmichel - that's correct; right now Loopy lets you select inputs, but not outputs. Shortly I'll be introducing output channel selection to Audiobus 3, however, so you'll be able to use AB 3 to send Loopy to any output.

  • Thanks. Another reason for me to look into Audiobus.

  • I'm sure I've asked this before Michael - but just in case...

    It will be possible to assign hardware (or Audiobus) input / and output ports to loops on Loopy Pro right?

  • Yep! To be specific, you'll be able to make such assignments to groups of tracks

  • Ahh yes thanks Michael - that makes sense.

    Am I right in thinking that when you've assigned loops to a group then you'll normally just play one of those at a time - so that when you start a second loop the first one will stop? Like for example if you had a main drum beat that you wanted to swap for a variation and not have both playing at the same time.

  • I'm planning to make that an option, yeah - but it'll be optional, per group.

  • Is there any news on this feature?

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