Loop Feedback

Love this app! Just wondering if there will be any loop feedback feature implemented in the next update. Basically a feature that decays older loop cycles when you're in overdub mode. A feature like this would allow you to create multiple loop cycles that are all overdubbing and decaying together resulting in very beautiful echo/delay effects. I've seen the feature in Mobius but I prefer the Loopy UI and simplicity. How feasible would this be?

Keep up the great work! Loopy HD is a beautiful and well conceived tool. I use it with an audio interface and Moog Sub 37.


  • Hey @MWK - this is actually already in here, but it's a bit hidden; you need to hold your finger on a track, then swivel the menu around anticlockwise to reveal Reverse and Decay, the latter of which is the feature you're referring to.

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