Actition / Actiton foot controllers

After numerous rehearsals and a successful sound check my iRig Blueboard refused to work during my performance. The lights were on but nobody was home. It also worked flawlessly immediately afterwards - everybody’s worst fear!

So I’m hunting around for a simple wired solution. I came across Actition which seems like a possibility, but I can't find out much about it. There’s a short video with no comments and a long technical description too, most of which goes over my head.

But an eight button foot controller costing little more than the Blueboard seems pretty sweet to me.

Anyone know anything about it?


  • @jamesbisset - from the description and videos of the USB models, it sounds like it should work fine. Of course you may need a USB HUB (possibly a powered one) depending on what type of audio interface you use.

  • I have one of these and it works perfectly. You have to set the pedal into a secondary mode by holding a couple of the buttons simultaneously. Instructions for this came with the pedal and are on the maker's website. This takes it out of standard Midi CC mode and puts it into... some other mode the iPad can understand. After that, Loopy recognizes all the button presses just like it was a blueboard or bluetooth keyboard. The only downside is they have to ship from Europe (if you're in the US).

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