Fade In/Out Offset Please!

edited June 2017 in Support and Feedback

LoopyHD would benefit greatly with an update to its Fade In/Out option.
Currently if you set let say a 2 sec fade in starts at 0.00 and ends at 0.02 which means 2 secs AFTER the loops has started will it reach max

however i think It would make more logical sense instead of fading in from the beginning 0.00 to 00.02 sec into the clip,
It would make more sense to have the fade start -0.02 sec and finish at 00.00 beginning of clip.
This would create really useful cross-fades between clips unlike the current implementation which i find only useful to smooth out clipping.

So how about allowing -minus values instead of just whole numbers.. that way if fade in or out is set to lets say -2 the fade will begin 2 secs before the top of the loop etc...


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