Loopy for PC/Mac?

Hi, I was just wondering if you've planned to create a Loopy version for PC and Mac in the future?


  • I'm considering a Mac version for the upcoming Loopy Pro (although not at first), as Pro is written in a cross-platform UI system. No promises though, as it depends on a few factors. Perhaps PC at a later point, but all ports to different platforms are a bit of a pain, and it would come at the expense of being able to work on new products, so it's a hard sell =)

  • Wow, okay...
    I appreciate that it's only a possibility at this point, but that's really exciting to hear!
    From I've seen, loopy pro is looking to be a best in it's class looping tool, and adding desktop class cpu/processing power for amp sims, vst's etc, trippy FX
    ... The possibilities would be incredible!!

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