New to all this

I'm completely new to the looping scene. I watched the video and read the instructions, and I have some questions which I don't think they answered, at least not for a complete newb like me.

  1. The audio interfaces, they have a port where I can plug my guitar in, do they then also have an out port that we would then connect into the sound system/amplifier?
  2. Could someone recommend a good foot pedal I can use to control things live? I'd need to juggle between at least 3, preferably 4 tracks at the same time. I read about the iRig Blueboard, which looks reasonable, but I'd like to avoid Bluetooth and plug in if possible, to avoid potential latency issues.
  3. Hardware-wise, I got my guitar going into the audio interface, interface into my iPad, iPad back into the interface, then interface into the sound system, with a foot pedal to control it all. Is that all? Do I need anything else, or am I mistaken on any aspects of the signal chain?

Thanks ahead of time for the information.


  • Hi Matt,
    Welcome aboard and you'll soon be dispensing advice on looping yourself. To answer your questions:

    1. Some interfaces have a monitor out to an amp and some do not. It depends on your preference as to whether you want to be able to monitor your guitar before the converters to digital or not. I choose to keep things simple and monitor through the iPad out but there is a hair of latency that doesn't bother me (might bother you).
    2. For wired footpedal, look for the FCB1010. That said, I would not worry about latency with Bluetooth. It just isn't an issue for most applications.
    3. That's all to get started. You will discover all sorts of refinements as you continue in your journey.
  • Thank you for your responses. Regarding the interfaces, I'm also new to MIDI. So as long as the interface has some kind of MIDI input, it will allow a MIDI foot controller to be added into the mix? The two I'm looking at:

  • Another great MIDI pedal is the Line 6 FBV MKII. There are two versions, a smaller 4-switch "Express" and a bigger 12 switch "Shortboard". They are designed for Line 6 amps, but work as standard USB MIDI pedals. Both have USB MIDI which can plug right into a powered USB hub alongside your audio interface. In this case you don't even need an audio interface that has standard MIDI inputs.

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