How you add to what you've already created? Not sure of corrected terminology . . .

Newbie questions: I recorded a chorus to a song (using 6 tracks). Now I want to add a verse to what I've already recorded - how do I do that? And then when the whole song is complete, where can I download the mixture so that it can be shared?


  • Hey @deejw - others might have some tips for that, but I thought I'd just mention here that song structure (verse, chorus etc) isn't really Loopy's forte right now. The upcoming Loopy Pro will do this a lot better, with Scenes (you can see a small demo of that here)

  • It sounds like you want to build a song out of your loopy tracks? This may be easier in GarageBand.
    Just long press on the center of a track, then select "share" and choose "audio copy". You can then paste each loop one at a time into audio tracks in GarageBand to build your song.

  • Or if you are wanting to share a live looping performance, just choose "record" in LoopyHD before you start making your tracks.

  • Thanks!

  • Helpful. Thank you.

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