How to connect IPad with Loopy to the sound mixer?

I like to record loops through the sound mixer to the iPad into Loopy. I will connect mic and music instruments into the sound mixer.
Anyone can tell me what hardware I need


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    There are details on the wiki page.


    Q) How do I connect my instrument(s) to my iPad?

    All of the following methods are known to work;

    Connect your instrument to one of the recomended interfaces (see below). Connect the interface to the iPad via the USB connector in the Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK).*
    If your interface has multiple inputs, you can select which input to use from the sidebar in Loopy.

    The CCK is not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.
    If you have an iPad with a lightning dock connector, you will also need to buy an adapter from Apple to use the CCK. it is recommended that you use the 30-pin to lightning adapter cable rather than the adapter block.
    The lightning CCK also works. (

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