loopy HD NOISE

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Just got Loopy HD on ipad 3. When i record anything it's distorted. What's up?


  • Hi @bellyshere. Can you give some more detail? Are you using any audio interface with Loopy? Headphones? What kind of distortion are you hearing? Perhaps you could record a sample and upload it to SoundCloud, then post a link here.

  • No interface just straight into the ipad with good headphones. It's like a latency lag.

  • Okay - I'm afraid I'm having trouble picturing the problem (a recording would go a long way to making this clearer), but have you tried rebooting your iPad?

    The iOS audio system can get into a buggy state occasionally; reboots will fix this, as well as closing any other background apps that might be interfering.

  • Reboot seems to fix the noise. Ta.

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