Record as aiff?

When I record a live session while looping, and go to iTunes to get the files, they are all in m4a format.

I was running an earlier version of loopy where the recorded files were in uncompressed aiff format. Is there a setting to choose either m4a compressed or aiff uncompressed for recordings?

I like the size-saving m4a feature, but when I'm using the recording for anything other than inspiration I'd like to have the option of high quality uncompressed file (so I can encode it later after I post-process it a bit.) Thanks!


  • Hey @kohmorota - ah, I'm afraid I changed it to m4a only for simplicity's sake, and I'll probably keep it that way unless more folks are finding it a problem. The upcoming Loopy Pro will record to AIFF, though (and probably multitrack, if not in v1.0, then definitely later on). Until then, you could perhaps use Audiobus to pipe Loopy's output into another recorder?

    Sorry about that!

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